About Ding Hong

PLC control systemAbout Ding Hong

Dinghong is a dynamic new company, specializing in gear hobbing machine manufacturing, gear hobbing machine finishing, gear hobbing electrical control, gear bite meter manufacturing miniature planetary gearbox and hollow cup motor manufacturing.

The company mainly serves the mid-to-high-end market. The R&D team composed of senior engineers from well-known enterprises in the industry has rich manufacturing experience and excellent R&D capabilities.

The company is located in Taiwan, where the manufacturing industry is developed, with convenient transportation and logistics.

We wholeheartedly serve friends from all over the world and look forward to communicating and cooperating with you.


gearWe firmly believe that quality depends on fine production!

The company has introduced advanced equipment such as Taiwan machining center and Swiss gear hobbing machine to achieve full precision machining of key components and ensure quality and delivery.
Gear box for electric screwdriver

In fact, 80% of clients are customized according to their project. We develop and manufacture products according to the different requirements of customers. Provide customers with system integration or complete motor solutions.

DC brushless hollow cup motorScope of application

Medical equipment/3G antenna/automatic doors and windows/electronic locks/automatic home/smart home/smart meters/smart bicycles/shared bicycles/industrial automation/electric tools/gear transmission industry/robot industry/aviation components/medical equipment/3C products
DC brush hollow cup motor